Reveal® clear aligners by Henry Schein® Orthodontics™ are an innovative new solution for straightening your teeth and improving your smile and oral health. This clear aligner system is comfortable and aesthetic, giving you a highly discreet treatment while also gently moving your teeth into their optimal positions. Your treatment plan even includes a custom-made orthodontic retainer so that you can keep your teeth in their proper positions after achieving your new smile!

When you begin your Reveal clear aligner treatment, our dentist will first take photos and impressions of your smile for our records. The photos and other records from your initial exam will be used to create an individualized treatment plan, and your aligners will be fabricated at the Henry Schein Orthodontics lab. Your aligners are designed to fit your teeth closely. This ensures exceptional tooth-specific control to move your teeth into their proper positions as well as making your treatment more comfortable for you. You will meet with our dentist regularly throughout your treatment so that we can track the progress of your teeth and ensure that they are aligning as planned.

Benefits of Reveal clear aligners include:

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